Unwanted Web Visits

If you're seeing visits happening that you don't think should be allowed, first confirm that you have Limits setup for the Group and Devices in question.

By default, there are no Limits set. You must enable them on the Group that has the Devices you want managed.

From the Limits page:

  1. Select the Group you want to set Limits for
  2. Select the Limit you want to edit; e.g., Default, Internet Blocked, or Custom
  3. Scroll down to Restrictions 
  4. Turn on and add Categories, Sites, or URLs as you desire
  5. Scroll down to Exceptions
  6. Turn on and add any exceptions to the Restrictions you set above
  7. Be sure to "paint" this updated Limit to the appropriate days and times in the time block near the top of the page
  8. Give the system a couple of minutes to implement your changes and you're good to go!