Understanding Settings

The Settings tab is where you can manage some of the basic setup for your network.

  • Router Information
    • IP Address
      Pubilc IP provided by your ISP
    • Pairing code (MAC address for RL Series Routers)
      Unique identifier
    • Interface
      Provides connection details about your hardware

  • Wireless (RL series only)
    • Wireless Enabled / Disabled
      Lets you turn the wireless radio on or off
    • SSID
      This is the name of your wifi (default is "Router Limits")
    • Password / Network Key
      This is the wifi password (default is the MAC address without colons)

  • Locale
    This is where you set your timezone so that limits are enforced at the correct time

  • Mobile App Protection
    This shows you the number of devices that are currently connected via mobile app

This is mostly a "set-it-and-forget-it" area; not much to worry about, here.