Understanding Limits

The Limits tab is where you'll do the scheduling for your various connected devices.

The first step will be to select which Group you'd like to apply Limits. You will do this by selecting it from the drop-down menu. Once selected you will see a list of Devices that belong to that Group. Use that information to help you confirm that you are working on the right Group. 

Next, there's the schedule grid. Every hour of the week is shown, and you can customize the restrictions (or lack thereof) for any individual hour of any day. You can also save time by clicking on a time or a day to apply a Limit to an entire day or the same hour for all days of the week. You can always just click and drag anywhere on the schedule to apply a limit to multiple times and/or days.

Below the schedule grid, you've got the limits themselves. "Default", "Internet Blocked", and "CREATE LIMIT". Each limit can have it's own restrictions, exceptions, and options. Click on the limit name e.g. "Default" or a "created limit" to set limits.


  • Block Everything
    • This option is typically used to block everything with the Exception of certain categories, sites or URLs. For example, block everything except a school website or block everything except pbs kids.
  • Categories (types of websites, like Social Media or Shopping)
  • Sites (specific websites like Facebook or Amazon)
  • URLs (actual specific web addresses, like nytimes.com).


  • Safe-Search (Google and Bing)
  • YouTube Restricted Mode


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