Understanding History

The History tab of your account is all about knowing what has happened on your network.

On a group-by-group basis, or even as granular as device-by-device (which is really the most useful), you can review all the websites that your family members and visiting friends have gone to. 

The History tab shows relevant information such as the domain name, which Group and device, the exact time/date stamp of the record, suspicious words*, and the result (allowed or blocked).

You can also click to expand a record's information area to show more data, such as which Limits are assigned, and the basis for the way the visit handeled (for example, "It's a shopping site and shopping sites are blocked for this user at that time.") You can even see keywords associated with the site that can trigger the handling.

The History tab is an easy way to understand what has been happening on your network, providing you the information you need for opening up healthy dialogues with your family members about internet usage.


*These are words that are found in the content of the website. You may want to take a closer look at the website.