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Router Limits Mirror

Discontinued July 15, 2019

This plug-in device functioned as an extender to the main Router Limits Router and made it easy to spread WiFi to the furthest corners of your home. Even though we discontinued the sales of these units several years ago, we've continued to support them to ensure customer satisfaction. Since then, the majority of customers have upgraded to newer, more powerful Router Limits equipment and Mirror usage has steadily declined to nearly being extinct. For that reason, we have decided that effective July 15, 2019, we will no longer support the Mirror. We appreciate your understanding.

This announcement does not affect the functionality of your Router Limits system overall, and you can expect your Mirror(s) to likely still function for some undetermined time after July 15th. However, we encourage you to evaluate our newer offerings and we would be happy to work with you to upgrade to newer equipment where necessary.

Again, please know that we have waited until only a very small number of Mirrors were still in use to make this change. We're confident we can help you ensure continued protection and monitoring of your home with minimal effort on a case-by-case basis.