"Invalid Router ID or already registered" error when trying to activate the router

A device can only be pairing with one account. You may need to take additional steps to reset the device.

Router Limits Mini

The Mini may already be paired to an account. To pair the Mini to a new account, please hold down the reset button for 10 seconds and let the Mini fully reboot. The Mini will then generate a new pairing code that can be used to pair it with your account.

Other Router Limits Enabled Hardware
(Luxul, ReadyNet, TRENDnet, etc)

The device may already be registered. You can check the status of Router Limits in the UI of the hardware. Hard resetting the hardware will provide you with a new pairing code.


1. Double check you're entering the MAC/ID correctly. (Valid numbers for the MAC address range from 0-9, and valid letters range from A-F.)

2. If you still get this error, please contact support as your router may already be registered. Please provide the following information in the email: name, phone number, MAC address and purchase location.