Install and Activate the Mini

Set up your Router Limits Mini for the first time

To install the Mini on your network:

  1. Plug in the power cord and wait for the first LED light on the Mini to be solid.
  2. Connect the ethernet cord from the LAN port on the Mini to the first LAN port of your home router.
  3. Wait for the middle LED light on the Mini to start flashing.

    If the middle LED light is solid rather than flashing, it may be due to the Mini having been paired with a different account. To fix...
    1. Hold down the Reset button on the Mini for 20+ seconds.
    2. Wait for the middle LED light on the Mini to start flashing.
  4. Once the middle LED light on the Mini is flashing, from any device connected to your home network, use a web browser to visit
    1. If activation fails on a device, try the activation process from another device.
    2. If that doesn't work, check that your router is compatible.
  5. Once it is activated, the middle LED light will turn solid to reflect that it has been paired with your Router Limits account.
  6. Going forward, you will be using to log in and manage your device groups and limits (ie. filtering rules). You can also use the Router Limits app available on iOS and Android.

    NOTE: The WAN port, USB port, and switch on the Mini are not currently used. Holding the Reset button will hard reset the Mini. If the Mini is reset at any point, it will need to be re-paired to your account.

    LED Lights on the Mini
    Troubleshooting the Mini
    Router Compatibility List


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